Most frequent questions and answers

Veronica is actually a radio broadcasting studio that was originally an offshore frequency distributor in the 1960s. The Radio Veronica of the 60s was a top broadcasting station at that time. Since it is using the same frequency that the ship where it is on board is using, people would always tune in to the DJs that host and talk in their respective shows.

The executives of the studio found a way to survive all these years in the business by going on a venture with the bigwigs of different TV station today in the Netherlands. It has been an Amsterdam holiday today for Radio Veronica. The funding and the support that the broadcasting system has gotten is really something to be proud of.

We currently have 8 shows each day. They are a combination of news bulletins, entertainment, editorials, and sports shows. Our shows talk about various topics like the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, about social issues, political problems, show business, movies, sports events, lifestyle, and so much more.

We currently have 12 DJs who are working for us. These people are all recognizable with their skills, their charm, and their wit as DJs. You can visit our booth to see them all.

Although we have ventured with other companies, the management and the overall handling of Radio Veronica is still in-house. You can rely on us to maintain the same authority and respect that the previous shows have gained throughout the years.

You can get to listen to our shows through the radio or through the internet. You can get a typical radio and listen to our shows or you can download our Veronica app and listen to our shows for free. It is best that you stay tuned and keep our station on the dial so that you can easily access our radio shows.