Radio Veronica LifestySle: Places to See in Amsterdam

restaurantYou have to stay tuned to Radio Veronica during the weekends at 6 in the evening because we will be featuring a new segment called Radio Veronica Lifestyle. In this show, the hosts will be going to different tourist spots around the world and make their trips as beginner-friendly as possible. We want to help you, travelers and backpackers, get a glimpse of what it is like to go to cities in Europe, Asia, and America. Take this as a tip from one adventure to another. Learn from our mistakes and take note of our techniques and methods on how we ride planes, get special deals on hotels, and the like.

In our series this month, we will be featuring our trips to Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Cambodia, and London. Wait for our recommendations on the best restaurants in Las Vegas, some of Amsterdam’s must-see sights, how to act appropriately in Japan, how to respect Cambodia culture, and tips on getting good deals on round trip flights to Amsterdam.

Right now, we will be giving you a portion of the highs and lows of our trip to Amsterdam, one of the finest cities in the Netherlands

Safety in Amsterdam

If this will be the first time that you will go to Amsterdam, do not be alarmed. You may have heard about the news that Amsterdam can be quite scary at night. According to reports and studies, the number of crimes committed in Amsterdam increased by more than 20% in late 2018. These are rates comparable to Las Vegas crime statistics.

The truth is that the most populated cities in the world will have their fair share of crimes being committed in their areas. You can rest assured that the police and the national government is doing everything that they can to protect their local citizens as well as the tourists visiting the city. Despite the numbers, Amsterdam still has higher rates of tourists going to the city year after year.

Van Gogh Museum

Museums in Amsterdam

When you are going to visit Amsterdam, the places that people always recommend are the museums in the city. This is because they are situated right in the heart of Amsterdam. They have what they call the Dam Square, an area where a lot of museums are situated in. You can check out the Van Gogh Museum. Sounds familiar? This museum is named after the prominent artist, Vincent Van Gogh, a native of the Netherlands. Here, you will see his works as well as the paintings by his contemporaries. Other museums in the area include the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum.


The Netherlands is almost synonymous with nature. You have to take a look at the parks built in Amsterdam. You have the Vondelpark that is the most recognizable in terms of vastness and beauty. People go to Vondelpark to relax and have a picnic. You can also eat inside the cafes situated near the park. Other notable parks in Amsterdam include Westerpark, Amstelpark, Frankendaelpark, and Erasmuspark.