Why Should You Listen to Radio?


The advancement of technology nowadays has opened up new ways of listening to good music and great commentaries from prominent people. You may have passed by a store during your Amsterdam city trip and noticed a great playlist in the background. This is the curated list created by fans on Spotify. You can be on your way of renting a bike in Amsterdam and heard about a commentary about political or social issued going on in the Netherlands. And when you check where it is coming from, it is a podcast of a famous figure.

Apps that involve subscriptions that now available at your disposal and you can turn it on and off whenever you want. But radio still exists up until today. What makes radio so great that you have to listen to it every single day?

It is free

When you want to get any service, the best thing that you can give your customers is to have it free of charge. Nationwide radio frequency is free to the general public. You do not have to pay for any subscription or registration to hear your favorite DJs on the radio. All you have to do is switch on your device and you can instantly hear good music and good commentaries on events that are happening in our lives today. The way radio stations earn is through advertising and promotions of other companies on the shows. It can be in the form of commercials, DJ’s statements, or announcements.

live broadcast

You can listen to it anywhere you go

With a radio on hand or a downloadable app, you can listen to music or to a DJ anywhere you go. You do not have to get expensive devices in order to hear any type of sound or music. Just switch it on and you are good.

It is more up to date

Listening to a radio gives you more access to information than any other app available. You can hear live news, reviews, and updates of different events happening in the world today. If you are looking for places to go on your vacation, you can switch on the radio and hear the latest Amsterdam canal tours or Amsterdam top sightseeing today.