About Us

Radio Veronica is a radio broadcasting system that was founded in the 1960s as an offshore studio meant to disseminate information and news to the citizens in the Netherlands. At that time, the country is starting to rise in terms of economy. It is rebuilding itself as one of the most sought after place for tourism. People from around the globe are going to the country for Amsterdam holidays and Amsterdam canal tours. But it was still early in this generation for entertainment and broadcasting.

Who we are

Radio Veronica aimed to help the government in sending the news to the locals in the Netherlands. As a radio broadcasting system based on a ship, it has had some fair share of problems in terms of frequency and connection to the radio. But it has proved itself resilient in the different tides of the generation. From the 80s to the 90s and in the 21st century, we can guarantee you that the Veronica Broadcasting System will continue to be the same company that you trusted throughout the years.

What we offer

We offer the latest news about different political issues, sports in and out of the country, local and Hollywood entertainment, lifestyle, and other content. You can rely on us for your daily dose of commentaries and editorials about everything that is happening in the Netherlands and beyond. Be updated with what is going on to personalities around the world.