What You must Think of as a DJ

DJs have a huge responsibility on the radio. Just like any TV or movie personality, DJs speak to the general public about their thought on different issues and problems in society. This cannot be helped because they are paid to speak their mind whether they like it or not. They cannot always talk about their recent Amsterdam holiday or the last time they were renting a bike in Amsterdam. Sometimes, they need to talk about social issues depending on the talk and the trends in the news. If you desire to be a DJ someday, you must have these particular traits.


You should have respect for people

You have to understand that when you speak, your voice will be heard in the airwave for miles and miles. It does not really matter whether you have fans or not. As long as you are talking on the radio, you have to know your responsibility in the language and the words that are coming out of your lips. You have to be careful about what you say and speak about. Whether your topics include social welfare, government problems, or international issues, you should always take into consideration the people concerned about the issues before you comment on them.

Never use profanitywatch

Because radio is such a public form of media, you can never really control the people who are listening to your show. Adults may be listening to you as well as kids. Be careful with the words that you use. Never use profanity or any kind of lascivious comments or actions live on the radio. Make sure that you are positively influencing the kids who are tuning to your show.

You should come on time

At the end of the day, working on the radio is still a job. It may have shorter hours compared to other work out there but you should always have respect for the time of your coworkers. Radio is very strict when it comes to the following schedules. It earns through airtime of advertisements and commercials. One minute lost may be thousands or even millions lost for your company. Be mindful of the time and be respectful to the schedule of other people.