If you follow your Netherlands history, you are definitely going to love Radio Veronica. It is one of the oldest radio stations in the country today. This broadcasting system was first founded in 1960 when the government was looking for a way to disseminate news to the public. Radio Veronica was actually an offshore frequency connecting network that transmits voice and music to the general public who own radios. Radio Veronica was a symbol of hope in the 1960s as people depend on this frequency to get updates on what is going on in the country and the world at that time.

If you can remember, the world is still recovering from the effects of the wars that occurred in Europe and the rest of the nearby cities. And the economy was the first to suffer during wars. Because of this, Radio Veronica was the sole radio station that provided hope to the people in the Netherlands. It played the current popular music from abroad and as well as the classics of the culture. Radio Veronica offered the light that the citizens have been looking for to ease the stress and the anxiety that they are having with their current state.

veronica ship

Radio Veronica became an established broadcasting system

Because of the popularity of Radio Veronica amongst the people in the Netherlands, it has evolved to a more stable broadcasting system. It started to hire DJs that can play the music and make editorials on the different issues happening in the country. It started with just 2 DJs who supported the cause of the radio station. And it grew to almost 12 in the late 70s.

But as the rise of TV networks began, the claim for the top entertainment brass weakened for Radio Veronica. It was not an Amsterdam holiday for the executives of the broadcasting system. They have to fight tooth and nail to stay on top. Not only is Radio Veronica competing with other radio stations existing at that time but they are also getting their ratings stolen by TV systems and networks.

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Radio Veronica today

In the 1990s, Radio Veronica continuous to struggle in the rating game. Advertisements from companies are flooding the TV networks while the radio airwaves are losing these quality minutes to these networks. Radio Veronica faced a dilemma. Whether they keep on being a sole corporation or be sell part of its stake to its competitors.

But the bigwigs of the major TV networks offered a great deal to Radio Veronica. They will be funding the broadcasting studio and the executives get to keep their job. The radio officials will continue to get that Amsterdam Heineken experience in leading the people to the next century.

Radio Veronica proves to be resilient as the tides grew higher and wider. With the advent of new technology today, Radio Veronica still keeps on bringing their advocacy to the new generation. Giving updated and unfiltered news to the citizens is the main goal of Radio Veronica. Even if there are other forms and means of media, Radio Veronica still gives the same level of integrity to people in the country.

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